Jobs on Cruise Ships

Jobs on Cruise Ships

Jobs on Cruise Ships. Amazing opportunities to see the world.

Job opportunities All Over The World

Job opportunities All Over The World

Amazing opportunities to work all around the globe. Thousands of Casinos - lots of Job Opportunities.

Top Level casinos in the UK

Top Level casinos in the UK

Hundreds of amazing opportunities to work in the UK's top level casinos.

Croupier Courses

      Enhanced training course runs for 8-9 weeks. Normally, the course runs Monday – Friday from 9am until 3pm ( some evening trainings available from 3pm - 9pm). You will learn everything that you need to know to become a croupier, including:


 - The rules and etiquette of each game commonly played in casinos, including Roulette, Blackjack, 3 card poker, Texas Hold-em and Baccarat
 - How to control and run the games in a casino environment
 - How to collect and pay bets from customers
 - How to open and close the tables at the beginning and end of games
 - The skills of mental calculation and manual dexterity needed to run each game efficiently and effectively.
 - The regulations and legal framework which govern the gaming industry
 - The psychology of the players and some of the superstitions that influence their behaviour.

The training is nearly all practice based, using real Roulette wheels, card tables etc. You are learning in an environment which as close to the experience you will have in a real casino as possible. The training is intensive, but also fun. You will learn all the skills that you need to become a croupier.

All of our trainers have had many years experience themselves working in casinos, so they are able to teach you exactly what casinos expect. We pride ourselves on the high quality of our trainees, and this is recognised in the casino industry.

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